the moment i knew; a fangirl’s tale


Tao rin lang siya. Wala kayong karapatan manghusga, bakit, sino ba kayo? Ang aalis sa fandom, hindi totoong fan.. Ano KNs? 

The fangirl stares at her own text post with unblinking eyes before clicking hard on backspace, deleting everything she’s written so far after hearing her own voice say the words in her head. They sounded so harsh, so hard. How could anyone ever say something like that? 

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: You can never put a good man down!! :)”

I believe Kathryn deserves better because she is a great person. Kathryn deserves a man, not a boy.


That’s my opinion…



"Sabi ni tatay pwede daw tayo humiling. Ipikit mo ang iyong mga mata. Pagkatapos, isipin mo ang ‘yong mga hiling."
"Ano ang iyong hiniling?"


i can’t take my eyes off you

KathNiel invites everyone to watch BCWMH tomorrow at 11:45 am and witness Manang Fe and Mang Anastacio’s lovestory { x }




In three years span, the fandom has grown so much in number. Some are new, and some were there from the start; some left and some stayed. We’ve made friends and formed relationships with our co-fans, either personally or virtually, that have stood through time. We may have indifference’s and short comings, that must’ve shaped arguments and misunderstandings inside the fandom. But one of the things that kept as intact and united is our undying love for Kath and DJ. And that’s the beautiful part of it— that at the end of the day, we still have each other. After all, we’re one big Ohana


PS Thank you so much for this, I’m so sorry I couldn’t fit everyone. I appreciate the participation so much, really!

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